The 12-week program for busy, food-loving women who are ready to ditch the diets and finally lose body fat and build lean muscle in a balanced, SUSTAINABLE way - without having to give up all of your favourite foods, dedicate hours to doing cardio (say goodbye to burpees!) or sacrifice your busy, realistic lifestyle to get there.
If you’re a busy, food-loving female who is done with dieting then chances are, you’ve got some big goals for your physical and mental health...
You want to build your dream body. You want to sustainably lose the body fat. You want to build lean muscle so that you can feel stronger and more capable than ever. You want to have all-day energy, to feel happy and confident in your skin, and to be able to eat all the foods you love - without the restriction or self-sabotage. You're ready to be your best self.
However, there’s just a few problems right now:
  • You’ve tried so many different diets in the past, and none of them have worked, so you're feeling stuck, frustrated and like nothing will ever work for you.
  • ​You're not sure how to make this sustainable - because everything you've tried before has either been extremely restrictive or too challenging for you to maintain.
  • ​You’re so busy caring for everyone else and keeping your household running, that you don’t have time to spend hours every day in the kitchen or training at the gym.
  • Your partner or family hates when you go on diets because they don’t want to eat the same foods, but it’s way too hard to cook healthy food for yourself and “regular” food that everyone else will eat.
If any of this had you nodding your head, thinking “yes, that’s me”—then read on, because you're in the right place.
I’m going to show you how, after trying and failing with so many different methods and fads, and feeling frustrated and worried that nothing will ever work for you, you can finally lose body fat, build lean muscle and rev up your metabolism - without the food restriction, self-sabotage or sacrificing your busy schedule.

So if you’ve ever felt “stuck”—or even “incapable”—because you feel like...
  •  There’s not enough time in the day to focus on you and get back to feeling amazing.
  •  It’s all too confusing and don’t know where to begin.
  •  You can’t move forward because you are exhausted and tired. 
Then I’m going to personally show you a brand new way to build your dream body (and dream lifestyle!) - the SUSTAINABLE way.

Listen. I know from my own experience (and from the experience of working with countless busy, food-loving female dieters) that there is a much simpler way to lose the weight and keep it off. And, I'm going to show you how.
The 12-week nutrition, training and mindset coaching program for the busy, food-loving female who's ready to ditch the diets and build her dream body - the balanced, SUSTAINABLE way.
Whether your big goal is to:
  • Feel strong, confident and absolutely amazing in your own skin
  • Quit stressing over your weight so you can finally feel at peace and proud of yourself for your progress
  • Start up a consistent healthy routine that makes you feel like the best version of yourself
  • Stop obsessing over food, calories and dieting so you can finally eat all the foods you love and enjoy every second of it
  • ​Build lean muscle from the comfort of your home so that you can feel strong, sexy, powerful and totally unstoppable
  • Gain more energy to do all the things you love - like going for weekend bike rides, morning hikes or keeping up with your kids
  • ​Set a good example for others in your life by making yourself and your health a priority
  • ​Know exactly how to reach your body goals without ever having to be on a "diet" ever again
Stronger Ever After will take you by the hand, and lead you step-by-step to the sustainable fat loss, muscle growth, all-day energy and confidence you’ve been searching a lifetime for… and the kind of lifestyle you know you deserve. 

A life where you get to do everything you’ve ever imagined

Like, putting yourself, your health and your needs first without neglecting anyone else, or… 

Being able to eat healthy, delicious, good-for-you meals that don't restrict or deprive you, or...

Squeezing into those old jeans you never thought you'd fit back into, or...

Going out to dinner with friends and not obsessing over what you’re going to order or what you’re “allowed” to eat, or even… 

Getting your partner or kids on board with living a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating healthy, together.
Just Imagine the Difference:
From Stuck, Overweight & Overwhelmed, to Strong, Confident & Unapologetic
Even though it might not seem like it, it’s actually never been easier to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that will allow you to eat all the foods you love, totally change the shape of your body and deliver lasting, life-changing results.

It’s totally possible to lose those last 15 pounds without super restrictive dieting, spending hours in the gym everyday or feeling like you’re constantly battling with feeling "too tired" or "too hungry" to stay committed and on track.

There are hundreds of women I’ve already helped who are currently at their ideal weight, living a healthy, active lifestyle and feeling more confident in themselves than ever before.

While working with these busy, food-loving women... I’ve discovered one clear lesson — there is a proven system for ditching the "dieting mentality", rebuilding your metabolism and laying the groundwork for a sustainable routine that you can continue following for the rest of your life.

It’s learnable and you can repeat it over and over again to achieve the same results.

And, I’m going to you show you exactly how to make all of this happen for yourself... even if it feels intimidating, or “impossible” right now.

But first…

Let me tell you a little more about how I know this works, and WHY I do what I do.
My Weight Loss Journey… 
I remember it like it was yesterday. It was June 2012. ⁠⠀
I had just finished my first year of university and was looking through some old vacation photos of myself, planning out what I was going to do over the summer.⁠⠀
But, all I could think about was how miserable I felt about myself and my body. ⁠⠀
I noticed how chunky my legs looked.⁠⠀
The way my arms jiggled when I moved them.⁠⠀
I had tried everything to lose the weight before, but nothing ever seemed to work. I felt disgusted, frustrated with myself, and thought that I'd be stuck with a body I hated forever.

I knew, deep down, that I didn’t want to feel this way anymore. So, I made a commitment to myself to change my habits and my lifestyle, for good.⁠⠀
Staying overweight was not an option. Continuing to feel miserable in my own skin was not an option. Failing at yet another “quick fix” diet program was not an option.⁠⠀
There was no Plan B.⁠⠀
So, instead of buying yet another “workout guide” or jumping on the next health trend, I actually did the work - I educated myself on how to lose body fat and build muscle the sustainable way and invested my time and money into programs and professionals that helped me understand how to make this whole "fitness" and healthy eating thing work with my body, my food preferences and my realistic life. ⁠⠀
And I lost 30 pounds in just one summer. 

The same 30 pounds I had been trying to lose for as long as I could remember.⁠⠀
This was my turning point.⁠⠀
It's because of this turning point that I became a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), an expert in sustainable fat loss and a (soon-to-be) Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), so that I can help other women (just like you!) reach their body goals, too - without the fad diets, the constant calorie restriction or the endless hours of cardio.⠀

You may just be starting out. Or, maybe you’ve been in this cycle for a while. 

Either way, the truth is:⁠⠀
If you want to take the fast track to get results, the quickest way is to LEARN from those who have been where you are.⁠⠀

So if you’re tired of researching and trying and failing and ending up in the same exact place....

I have something for you.

Having a proven, step-by-step plan you can follow - regardless of your crazy busy schedule - can give you the confidence that this won’t be like the other attempts, that you’ll finally stick with it and create lasting change around your health and weight. 

Plus, it allows you to skip over the expensive mistakes I made, and staying stuck and unhappy with yourself for years.
Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Join Stronger Ever After
The 12-week nutrition, training and mindset coaching program for the busy, food-loving female who's ready to ditch the diets and build her dream body - the balanced, SUSTAINABLE way.
I’ve combined over a decade of experience having lost 60lbs in my own fitness journey, along with working full-time as a certified personal trainer and fat loss expert to create a system that's designed to rebuild your metabolism, sustainably burn body fat and build lean muscle - that way, you're able to live your best lifestyle in your healthiest body. 

Quite simply, I’m going to help you lose the extra weight that’s holding you back from being strong, confident, and totally energized in a body you built for yourself (the SUSTAINABLE way!) by using the 8 pillars crucial for ambitious, busy, and stressed women:
  •  Goal Setting & Organization
  • ​ Nutrition Coaching
  • ​ Mindset Coaching
  • ​ Training Coaching
  • ​ Recovery
  • ​ Self-Assessment
  • ​ Accountability
  • ​ Community Support
Follow this exact framework, and you have what is required for massive, transformational success over the next 3 months. 


“Before Stronger Ever After, I was scared of starting something that wasn't going to be sustainable, that was just going to be a crash diet and then I would just waste that time and progress afterwards by not having the skills to maintain whatever I was doing. I've tried many programs, but none of which have given me the skills to be able to make a concrete lifestyle change. So far, I've lost 22 lbs and 13 INCHES! I've gained so much confidence. I've learned how to meal prep and eat a lot, while still achieving my goals of losing weight, etc. I've learned how to balance out meals, and how to eat healthy but enjoy what I'm eating. I also love that you have taught me that I can do all of this from the comfort of my own home. Most of all, I love how real you are and how you just want people to succeed. You just truly want people to be their best selves.”


"Beyond losing 12lbs and 13 inches, there have been so many non-scale victories. I have an amazing morning routine and as someone who is an avid sleeper-inner, I am loving moving my body first thing in the morning and waking up early to do so. I now view working out and training as a way to strengthen my body and add health to my life instead of punishment to burn off what I had eaten. I can feel my mental health and mindfulness heading in such a great direction. I'm establishing a better relationship with food and really enjoying what I'm eating. This program is so much more than just fitness and nutrition. It's about raising women up and helping us to start believing in ourselves again. [...] Your philosophies in every area are just... I'm at a loss for words. I don't think I was expecting what I was going to get out of Stronger Ever After."​"


"I LOVE how flexible and geared-to-you Stronger Ever After can become. It makes the hardest days a whole lot better. Most of all, I love how accessible you are when we’re having a bad day. You’re always there, and that’s where we need you when shit gets rough. This program reminded me that I'm not alone in my hard days, and they're okay to have. I'm my own worst enemy and my own biggest bully. I'm harder on myself than I need to be. Thank you for always helping me get back to that mental place I need to be in to be the best version of me.”


"When I originally started the program the first time around, I had a goal weight in mind that I wanted to hit. [...] My focus has changed a lot over this second round. I now strength train to get stronger, I walk because it's good for my mental health and I eat healthy because it makes me feel good. Before, I would only work out and eat healthy to "lose weight". [...] This program has helped me realize that it's okay to struggle, it's normal, what matters is how you come back from those struggles and the lessons you learn along the way. You have been so amazing throughout my journey and I have learned so much and become a better version of myself because of YOU, Larissa."


"I've been eating more than I've ever eaten while 'cutting' and that was my biggest fear because of my previous disordered eating. I swear, I'm probably eating on average at least 300 extra calories per day [than I was previously]. Thank you so much for your support through a scary transition of eating more! I'm so excited for the next couple of months!"


“Your coaching reminded me that I can trust myself when it comes to the big picture. Yes, we indulge, but we also keep moving and making the best food choices for our body. I also realized how silly it was to keep the goal of having abs as my main thing in life. The industry makes us feel like we need to have smaller bodies to be loved. But, I don’t remember the last time I had the flu or felt weak, and that’s much more valuable. Thank you!”


"Growing up, I've had a very slow metabolism. I didn't used to get a lot of protein and fibre into my diet but, during the program, I was able to eat more foods that I enjoy without worrying about whether it had "too many carbs". (Indian food has a big carb culture, and I used to think that I had to eliminate it completely to reach my goals.) But I learned how to have everything I love in moderation - and still reach my fitness goals!"


"I lost a ton of body fat, gained confidence, built muscle, learned how to meal prep, become healthier + developed a positive body image. I liked that if I wanted to eat a burger from my favourite place, I could and it didn't ruin all my hard work. You are kind, genuine, and really take pride in your clients and that's what I needed - someone who wasn't just a coach but also a friend."
Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Join Stronger Ever After
The 12-week nutrition, training and mindset coaching program for the busy, food-loving female who's ready to ditch the diets and build her dream body - the balanced, SUSTAINABLE way.
  • a customized 4:2 Method nutrition protocol tailored to your calorie and macronutrient needs, your food preferences and your eating habits/schedule to promote consistent, sustainable fat loss without feeling restricted or deprived
  • an ongoing nutrition database filled with weekly grocery lists, sample meal plans, easy-to-make recipes and other supportive resources to ensure you’re able to eat the foods you LOVE while still having the variety you need to keep things fresh and appetizing
  • ​two custom 6-week training programs designed to progressively build muscle, burn body fat and improve overall strength and energy levels over time - without hitting those dreaded plateaus
  • access to an exclusive online training & communication hub which provides video demonstrations to help you perform each movement safely and correctly, an online workout calendar + daily and weekly goal-setting to hold you accountable, and connective features such as food and calorie tracking, HR and sleep tracking, body measurement tracking, and training progress tracking to ensure you’re hitting your goals every single day
  • ​lifetime access to my Stronger Ever After educational portal that walks you through the step-by-step lessons and action steps you absolutely need to learn and follow to cement the habits and continue sustainable fat loss and muscle growth over the course of the 12-week and beyond 
  • starting, halfway and final progress photos, body measurements and assessments to monitor all physical changes you will see over the course of the program
  • 1-1 60-minute mid-program assessment call to look at the bigger picture, go over your mid-program measurements and ensure you are taking the necessary steps you need to continue seeing lasting results
  • weekly check-ins to address all of the challenges and successes you've experienced that week, as well as set some actionable goals for the week ahead
  • ​weekly group coaching calls to address specific questions and concerns, brainstorm new strategies and work on the key mindset shifts needed in order to reach your fullest potential
  • access to a private, client-only Facebook group so you can connect with other women in the program, cheer each other on, hold each other accountable and even make a few friends along the way
  • ​ongoing virtual and messenger-style support so you're held accountable 24/7, every step of the way
The Program To Help You Create And Live The Life You Know You Deserve 
All of the program materials, including HD videos, MP3s, video training tutorials and worksheets are available inside the online Stronger Ever After membership site and Facebook group. When you enroll in Stronger Ever After you’ll get LIFETIME access to the material. 

I’ve set up the program so that you learn and implement quickly — with my support and real-time coaching along the way.

Now enrolling for April 2021 - limited spots available!
Get Started & Register Today!
Choose the option that works best for you:
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One Time Payment, taxes included
  • Save $299
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Stronger Ever After Isn't Like Any Program You've Tried Before...
Look. You don’t need to “feel ready” to get started. You just need to start.

Stronger Ever After was made specifically for you so you can finally lose the weight (without the struggle!) and build sustainable habits that will last you a lifetime - all with a proven step-by-step plan and personalized support so you can learn as you go.

You just need to start. 

Move forward, and continue to take imperfect action. 

But, I do understand that making this kind of life-changing decision is a big deal. 

That’s why I want you to feel totally at ease when making this decision to join us in Stronger Ever After. I’ve done everything I possibly can to guarantee that when you follow the steps laid out for you inside the program, you will make rapid progress. 

I can confidently say this, because I’ve worked with hundreds of busy, food-loving women who have tried all the diets before — who were just like you when they enrolled in Stronger Ever After — and within a few months they were losing weight and inches, becoming stronger than ever and feeling more confident in themselves, their body and their lifestyle than ever before.
That’s Why Stronger Ever After Is Backed By A
100% Invest With Confidence Guarantee
Here’s how it works: 

We want you to be totally happy with Stronger Ever After and see lasting results. So just click the button to sign up, and you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page. After you enter your information, you’ll be given instant access to the program. If after you have completed the first four weeks, you have participated in the weekly group coaching sessions, and you have completed all of the necessary action tasks within each module and you still aren’t happy with the program, we will give you the remainder of your investment back. It’s all risk-free. No hassles, no hard feelings.
Waking up in the morning, walking to your closet to get dressed, and not having that sinking feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach when you go to put something on.

In fact, you feel strong, confident and damn good in your skin.
Now imagine this kind of thing happening every single day.
Imagine feeling the kind of confidence that comes with knowing how to eat all your favourite foods, indulging every once in a while, and taking that well-deserved rest day (or three!) - totally guilt-free - and still seeing incredible results on the scale.

Imagine finally being able to walk confidently out of your house, ready to tackle your day, without the stressful, nagging voice of worry obsessing about your weight on repeat in the background. 

This can and will happen for you…

Don’t wait for another opportunity to shape your future. This is your chance.

I’m rooting for you, 
Larissa Nicole
Ready to become the best version of you?
Choose your plan:
All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
One Time Payment, taxes included
  • Save $299
3 Monthly Payments, taxes included

Is this a group coaching program?
It's actually a hybrid group coaching program. All of your training programs and nutrition protocols are customized entirely to your needs, goals and lifestyle and you'll have 1:1 access to me inside the training communication hub for the duration of your journey. 

Unlike 1:1 coaching, you also receive all the benefits of a group environment! I work with an exclusive group of 10-15 women at a time to keep the experience intimate. This allows you to have a true 1:1 experience while also receiving the support and accountability inside a community of likeminded women who are all going through the exact same journey as you. It's the best of both worlds!
How much time per week do I need to set aside?
The program material will only take you ~1 hr per week to go through. Depending on your needs and goals, you may have to dedicate anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours weekly for meal prep or other healthy habits. Finally, each of the workouts are designed entirely around your schedule, access to equipment and more. So, you'll never have to commit any more time to the program than you have available. (And our team will always be around to support you!)
I’m going to be out of town next month, will I fall too far behind? 
The program is 12 weeks, but it’s entirely self-paced and you also have 1:1 access to me. Meaning: there is no such thing as “getting behind" because we always make it work for your schedule and needs. Just let us know when you'll be out of town (or if your lifestyle, schedule or routine has changed) and we'll devise a plan to keep you on track!
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