The Busy Food-Lover's Real Life Meal Plan For A Total Metabolic Reset
Get Access & Stop Sacrificing Favourite Foods For Results!
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To be crystal clear: The 5 Day Reset is not a fad or “quick fix” solution. It’s a five-day plan that encourages eating easy-to-make, delicious & totally good-for-you foods that will improve the metabolism, knock out cravings and provide a sustainable healthy routine.

Hi, I'm Larissa Nicole - a Toronto-based Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), online transformation & wellness coach, cookbook author, creator of the Stronger Ever After program and soon-to-be Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN).

Growing up, I was raised in an Italian household where pasta, cheese, bread and olive oil were frequent staples in my diet, and there was no such thing as portion control.

I struggled with body image issues all throughout my childhood, falling into every “crash diet” and trap there was out there. I let others dictate my self-worth, and felt like I wasn’t in control of my own life. Until one day, I decided to take back my control.

Today, I believe in a balanced, sustainable approach to health & fitness – no “fit teas”, no short-term fixes. I now use my transformation story as a way to teach women struggling how to become a stronger, healthier & happier version of themselves and that absolutely anything is possible with the right mindset.
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