A 12-week program for busy, food-loving women who have tried "all of the diets" and are ready to finally lose body fat and build lean muscle in a balanced, SUSTAINABLE way - without having to give up all of their fave foods or spend hours doing cardio to do it.

Client Success Stories

“Before Stronger Ever After, I was scared of starting something that wasn't going to be sustainable, that was just going to be a crash diet and then I would just waste that time and progress afterwards by not having the skills to maintain whatever I was doing. I've tried many programs, but none of which have given me the skills to be able to make a concrete lifestyle change. So far, I've lost 22 lbs and 13 INCHES! I've gained so much confidence. I've learned how to meal prep and eat a lot, while still achieving my goals of losing weight, etc. I've learned how to balance out meals, and how to eat healthy but enjoy what I'm eating. I also love that you have taught me that I can do all of this from the comfort of my own home. Most of all, I love how real you are and how you just want people to succeed. You just truly want people to be their best selves.”

- Sara

“Your coaching reminded me that I can trust myself when it comes to the big picture. Yes, we indulge, but we also keep moving and making the best food choices for our body. I also realized how silly it was to keep the goal of having abs as my main thing in life. The industry makes us feel like we need to have smaller bodies to be loved. But, I don’t remember the last time I had the flu or felt weak, and that’s much more valuable. Thank you!”

- Fernanda

“Beyond just making physical changes to my body, my mind has totally shifted by having someone essentially give me permission to eat and be a little easier on myself. {...} Having someone available as a cheerleader, friend and expert on the topic has been the difference that I never realized I needed. Taking so much of the legwork out of creating a meal and training plan is one of the major benefits as well. It allows me the time to focus on executing these plans as opposed to stressing over not knowing what to do.”

- Jessica

"I LOVE how flexible and geared-to-you Stronger Ever After can become. It makes the hardest days a whole lot better. Most of all, I love how accessible you are when we’re having a bad day. You’re always there, and that’s where we need you when shit gets rough. This program reminded me that I'm not alone in my hard days, and they're okay to have. I'm my own worst enemy and my own biggest bully. I'm harder on myself than I need to be. Thank you for always helping me get back to that mental place I need to be in to be the best version of me. You are doing everything and more that I could ever ask for!”

- Emma

"I've been eating more than I've ever eaten while 'cutting' and that was my biggest fear because of my previous disordered eating. I swear, I'm probably eating on average at least 300 extra calories per day [than I was previously]. Thank you so much for your support through a scary transition of eating more! I'm so excited for the next couple of months!"

- Angela

"Beyond losing 12 pounds and 13 inches, there have been so many non-scale victories. I have an amazing morning routine and as someone who is an avid sleeper-inner, I am loving moving my body first thing in the morning and waking up early to do so. I now view working out and training as a way to strengthen my body and add health to my life instead of punishment to burn off what I had eaten. I can feel my mental health and mindfulness heading in such a great direction. I'm establishing a better relationship with food and really enjoying what I'm eating."

- Catherine